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To Doug Turshen, who took all of the components and made magic on the page. Collaborating with him was a pleasure.

—Bunny Williams, An Affair with a House

. . . In addition, this book launched one of my longest and most fruitful working relationships with the book
designer Doug Turshen. Not only did he grasp precisely what I had in mind and bring it beautifully into being,
Doug—after more than two decades of pouring over layouts, pondering pictures, pulling quotes,
and pruning texts—remains one of the only people in the world with whom I have never exchanged a single cross word.
I am deeply grateful to have found, at the start of my life in books, someone equally kind & creative.

—Carolyne Roehm, Design & Style

I have toiled alongside revered art director Doug Turshen for many moons, creating four extraordinary
books together, each more evolved than the next. It isn’t surprising that Doug’s calendar is always filled—he is as reliable as he is creative—a notion that extends to his team which includes the very impressive Steve Turner.
He is never resistant, always accommodating, and has built on our unique vision since the beginning.

—Jeffrey Bilhuber, American Master

Thanks to Doug Turshen and David Huang who amazingly curated endless photos into a sequence
that beautifully describes my story, while guiding me through the possibilities.

—Kathryn Scott, Creating Beauty

If putting this book together was so much fun, it was due entirely to the amazing team
I have worked with on it. . . . to Doug Turshen and Steve Turner, who, with unfailing taste and
endless patience and enthusiasm, made order out of a chaos of images and words.

—Gill Schafer III, A Place to Call Home

To Doug Turshen: An extraordinary designer, a supportive friend, and a wise mentor.

—Suzy Bales, Garden Bouquets and Beyond

To Doug Turshen, our designer and Steve Turner, who made this book more beautiful
than I ever could imagined. I hope to do this again and again with you guys.

—Mark D. Sikes, Beautiful

To Doug Turshen, who promised to guide me through the bookmaking process, and did.
He produced a book whose design reflects my aesthetic perfectly.

—Suzanne Rheinstein, At Home

To Doug Turshen and Steve Turner, whose artistic vision has shaped the way
for those who don’t know me to now know me a little better.

—Brian J. McCarthy, Luminous Interiors

. . . to our brilliant book designer, Doug Turshen, who created the magnificent layouts
that grace these pages. Steve Turner’s computer wizardry was also a key component . . .

—Elissa Cullman and Tracey Pruzan, The Detailed Interior

. . . to Doug Turshen and David Huang, a special thank you to both for your incredible talents and for your fabulous ability
to translate my work onto these pages in a way that truly reflects my sensibility and style.

—Suzanne Kasler, Sophisticated Simplicity

Doug Turshen, my art director, has been working on this book with me for two years. I’ve been taking
pictures for about seven. That means he had to deal with 52,824 photographs. Thank you, Doug, for your patience,
fortitude and talent . . . and for executing every little change I asked for in the layouts.
And to Steve Turner, for assisting admirably in that task. I couldn’t have done it without you both.

—Barbra Streisand, My Passion for Design

Many thanks to Doug Turshen, who, with his associate Steve Turner, organized 30 years’
worth of work
with patience, assurance and exceptional creativity.

—Emily Summers, Distinctly Modern

I am enormously indebted to Doug Turshen David Huang, and Philip Reeser, who brought it all
to life with their diligence, care and respect for both my work and my words.

—Madeline Stuart, No Place Like Home

To the talented Doug Turshen and his associate Steve Turner, endless thanks for
your tireless patience and extraordinary good humor in designing and redesigning
this book until it fully reflected me and my aesthetic to the last detail. Phew!

—Nancy Braithwait, Simplicity


This book would not have happened without the encouragement of my good friend Doug Turshen—I thank him first
for his support and his elegant design, turning all my favorite home stories into a beautiful book.

—Tricia Foley, Life/Style

. . . to graphic designer Doug Turshen, the epicentral genius of this project, and his staff, particularly Steve Turner.

—Bobby McAlpine, The Home Within Us

To Doug Turshen, the man who has transformed the face of decorating books today, has taken the lead with
this project, and his talents and working demeanor could not possible improve. He just makes it easy;
he truly has a natural talent. His right hand man, Steve Turner, has added his creativity and tech savvy as well.

—Phoebe Howard, Mrs. Howard Room by Room

To Doug Turshen, for making everything he touches magical—the work he did
on these pages speaks for itself and I am eternally grateful.

—Michelle Nussbaumer, Wanderlust

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